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* The decision of performing Valve in Valve procedures is at the discretion of the cardiologist and/or hospital's heart team, following careful assessment of the individual circumstances of each patient. Currently, no long-term data exists to support the efficacy of the procedure. Valve-in-Valve procedures in a Perceval valve should be performed according to indications provided by the transcatheter valve manufacturer.  

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Aortic Pericardial Heart Valve


Valve in Valve

Optimizing Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

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IM-02609 A

 IM-02609 A

Indication for Use:

The Perceval bioprosthesis is indicated for the replacement of diseased, damaged, or malfunctioning native or prosthetic aortic valves.

Summary of Risks:

The risks or potential adverse events associated with cardiac valve replacement with a bioprosthesis include, but may not be limited to: cardiac arrhythmias, death, endocarditis, heart failure, hemorrhage, intravalvular and/or paravalvular leak, stroke or any related neurologic disorders, structural valve deterioration, reoperation and explant. Beyond the previously mentioned adverse events, specific events related to the implant of the Perceval prosthesis may include, but not be limited to dislodgment and/or migration of the prosthesis. Please refer to the product Instructions for Use (IFU) for detailed information on warnings, precautions, and potential adverse events. For a copy of the IFU, please contact: HeartValves.US@LivaNova.com

Perceval: 11 years of data, 50,000 patients treated.

The Perceval sutureless valve offers a stable, time-saving and safe surgical result, both in isolated and in combined procedures. We observe promising long-term durability given the current low incidence of SVD after 11 years of continued clinical use. 

Dr. Bart Meuris, Abstract from: Sutureless AVR Experience in a Single Centre: 11 Years of Use in 468 Patients. Oral presentation AATS 2019

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For a copy of the IFU, please contact HeartValves.US@LivaNova.com
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 IM-01982 A

Perceval's design was made for Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery. It's an innovative, sutureless and collapsible aortic bioprosthesis that allows for shorter procedures and reduced physiologic impact during surgery.4

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Introducing the Perceval Sutureless Surgical Valve for MICS and Complex Procedures.

Truly Sutureless

Self-expanding sutureless design reduces operative time, trauma and manipulation of aortic structures.1

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